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Some Pictures of the Lake and Fish.

Our private coarse fishing lake IS NOT A COMMERCIAL CARP FISHERY, it is naturally stocked with a large head of fish. Ideal for the pleasure angler or carp angler who wants a challenge.
Species include;-

  • Mirror Carp to 50lbs plus.
  • Common Carp 45lbs
  • Crucian Carp (F1s?) up to 3.5 lbs
  • Bream up to 6 lbs
  • Tench 5lbs
  • Pike up to 12lbs
  • Roach, Rudd and Perch


You may fish any where on the lake at any time day or night.  

You will have all the lake to yourself! 


Large mixed bags of Bream, Tench and Cruican Carp can be caught.

A word of warning though, the carp fishing is not easy. Do not expect a carp on every cast but carp in the 20lb to 35lb are regularly caught. The fish thrive on natural food found in the lake so if you are catching 1 or 2 carp a day you are doing OK. 

If you are wanting to catch Carp in hot weather, night fishing will produce the best results between midnight and 6am. 

Bait can be anything from blood worms to boilies.  Sweetcorn, pellets and boilies will tempt the Carp, Crucians, Bream & Tench.

 Stalking the carp with floating bait can produce carp even on the hottest afternoons. 

Phone, text or WhatsApp Jess on +447871702999 or email if you have any questions.